The Dirty Brickster

Thomas posted a review of the rules for the Dirty Brickster (a white elephant gift exchange).

Review of rules for the Dirty Brickster:
Each participant brings exactly one wrapped gift. Each gift
should be Lego or Lego-related, cost about $10, and be worth $10–$20 *to
the recipient*. Hence, no “junk” (clones, most Lego “gear”, etc.). When
the Dirty Brickster begins, participants sit in a circle with the
gifts piled in the center and draw numbers. In the order of the numbers,
each participant chooses a gift by either (1) unwrapping one or (2)
by stealing a non-locked gift. In the event that a participant’s gift is
stolen, he has the same choices, except that he may not steal back the
gift that was just stolen (altho triplets are allowed). Gifts are automatically locked after being
stolen for the third time. After the participant with the last number
chooses a gift, all gifts have been unwrapped. The participant with
number 1 may at that time elect to steal any non-locked gift, beginning a
new round of theft. After that, the Dirty Brickster is over.

Participants should not shake or unnessarily handle a wrapped gift until
they have chosen to unwrap it.
When a participant steals a gift, those assembled generally chant “Dirty
Brickster! Dirty Brickster! Dirty Brickster!” to the delight of all.
Non-locked gifts should be held on the participant’s lap, in plain
view of all. Locked gifts should be kept beneath or behind the
participant’s chair (unless you don’t mind it being stolen)